From Theory to Practice

Altshuller’s Theory is very popular, with hundreds of thousands of practitioners worldwide.  However, there are limitations which have stunted the spread of the theory and restricted participation.

Firstly, the raw contradiction matrix can be complicated and daunting.  In total, over 1500 potential problems are represented which can be overwhelming to remember or learn.  Training programs in this theory often require weeks to become a novice, let alone an expert.

Secondly, many of the underlying principles require technical knowledge in a specific field – physicists may be familiar with concepts of “Equipotentiality”, for example, but this is less accessible for general practitioners.  Whilst specialist knowledge and expertise is always invaluable, the most effective innovations often come from leftfield (e.g. significant enhancements to Aircraft cockpit visibility were made using concepts from window cleaning on skyscrapers!)

Thirdly, the theory has generally been applied by individuals and in small workshops and the power of creativity across large groups has not previously been harnessed

The Accelerated Innovation Software has been developed to overcome these limitations and enable anyone to apply the universal inventive principles to their situation – swiftly, systematically and successfully.

  • The raw contradiction matrix is embedded within the software and 1521 potential problems can be derived from just two key questions and a choice of three categories
  • Inspiration cards are used to allow wider participation in the creative process.  These stimulate ideas in everybody from Rocket Scientists to 7 year old children
  • The software can be deployed on a single machine for personal use or it can “crowd source” ideas across hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.  Challenges can be posted to as wide an audience as you like, or restricted to just a few specialists

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