Software Overview

The Accelerated Innovation System is proven to exponentially enhance the ability of individuals to brainstorm solutions to new problems and dramatically shortcut design and manufacturing processes.

When used in teams across an organization, the software unlocks the creative power of your employees.  Managers can set specific challenges that need innovative solutions to overcome, whilst employees can submit their own ideas to generate new products, process efficiencies or cost savings.

Using the Accelerated Innovation Software can generate widespread benefits, including:

  • Dramatically enhanced creativity using the 40 innovative principles scientifically proven to be the most effective in Engineering, the Natural World, Design, Architecture and the Arts
  • Improved motivation as individuals are inspired to take on challenging problems and successfully create genuinely innovative solutions
  • Improved productivity and profitability as solutions are implemented
  • Improved communication for corporate solutions, including harnessing the “wisdom of crowds”

The Accelerated Innovation Software contains a set of triggers or “inspirations” that can be applied to any situation.  These inspirations can be used in an open format to generate thousands of ideas in an unstructured environment.  Ideas are first stimulated then captured and refined within the software, before being moved forward to production and marketing.

More commonly, the inspirations are used to resolve specific challenges that are being faced.  The ideal state is known but it cannot be reached because it requires a trade-off that has not been resolved.  Examples of these trade-offs or “contradictions” include:

  • The product gets stronger (good), but the weight increases (bad).
  • The bandwidth for a communication system increases (good), but requires more power (bad).
  • Training is comprehensive (good), but keeps employees away from their assignments (bad).

The Accelerated Innovation Software sets up these contradictions and helps you to overcome the trade off, either as an individual or as part of a team.

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