Multi-User / Enterprise Solutions

“Our main asset is our people…”

How often have you heard that mantra, yet how many organizations truly unlock the creative potential of their employees?

Using the Accelerated Innovation Software, it is finally possible to leverage the minds of your workforce to overcome specific challenges faced by your organization and to generate brand new innovative solutions that can:

  • Create new products
  • Identify new markets
  • Identify cost savings and areas of wastage
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve your customer service
  • … and many more!

The system can be installed on local servers or made accessible to your staff globally via any major internet browser.  The company can set up “Challenges” or “Missions” to find the solution to specific problems.  These can be general (e.g. What could the aircraft of 2050 be like?) or specific (e.g. How do we reduce the weight of an aircraft wing without reducing its strength and reliability?).

These challenges are then sent out to employees via email who simply click a link to access them.  The Accelerated Innovation Software is unique in that it not only presents your team with a forum to post their ideas, but also provides idea triggers based on scientifically proven innovative principles which can help to inspire hundreds of brand new ideas.

A variety of customizable criteria for rating the ideas are available (e.g. Cost / Complexity / Originality).  Ideas can be rated by the creator of the challenge or by peers using the “crowd-source” rating system.

The Accelerated Innovation System can be used solely as an idea generating tool or integrated with techniques to manage the project from idea generation through to market.  It can also be linked with HR programs to reward the most innovative ideas and the most active members on the system.

Please contact us with your requirements and to request a formal quote.

Technical Specifications

Corporate solutions may be hosted by the customer in house or hosted by

Customer Hosted Solution

  • Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • .Net 4 Required
  • Microsoft SQL Server recommended ( SQL Server Express is supported)
  • All major modern browsers supported.

Accelerated Innovation Hosted Solution (surcharge applies)

  • All major modern browsers supported.
  • Dedicated and Shared Servers available.