Product Range

The Accelerated Innovation Software is available as both a single user desktop edition for individuals and as a web-based server system to enable multiple users to be inspired, share their ideas and innovate as a team.

The product is available in two editions:

  • TRIZ edition:  This software embeds the raw innovation principles into an easy to use software product.  The product is geared towards engineering practices and may require some understanding of fundamental scientific principles
  • PRIZM edition:  This version of the software has combined the raw Engineering Principles with research on the Natural World into a set of wonderful “inspiration cards”.  These cards can be used by anyone and can inspire new innovative solutions in anyone from grade school students to rocket scientists.
  • Combined edition:  Both TRIZ principles and PRIZM inspirations are incorporated within a single system.  Each new challenge or problem can be set up as either a PRIZM question or a TRIZ question and the appropriate inspiration principles are generated accordingly.

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