What if…

There were a systematic pattern for innovation?

What if…There was a system that could help resolve trade offs such as

  • We can give the item more capacity (good) but that will make it heavier (bad)
  • We can increase the power (good) but it will need more energy (bad)
  • We can send people on training (good) but we will lose them from their day jobs (bad)

Well, there is!

  • …Over 3,000,000 Patents have been investigated since 1946…
  • …Doctoral Research into the process of Natural Evolution has been conducted…
  • …The experience of over 50,000 Engineers has been distilled…

… and 40 Inventive Principles have been found!!

These 40 inventive principles have been captured within the Accelerated Innovation Software.

Using these 40 principles has been shown to exponentially enhance the ability of individuals to brainstorm new solutions to problems and dramatically shortcut design and manufacturing processes.

Sharing these 40 principles throughout your organization can unlock the potential of teams to overcome the challenges you face, to generate new ideas, to innovate and to grow in a challenging world.

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